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How we started


A tropical agriculturalist by profession, Rodney Lewis started the process of re-cultivating a battered piece of land, not as a nursery this time, but to produce crops, fruits and vegetables -including limes- as his retirement hobby. He named this paradise "Benna's Farm" after his father, Bernard Lewis, who died when Rodney was only 15.

Rodney passed away in 1999, by which time Dominica's lime industry was totally destroyed by the Thestasiastestasis virus. Bevin Lewis, who had always been around his dad when he managed the Canefield and the Wallhouse Estates, was inspired by his father’s love of agriculture. He also had a passion for nature and particularly - the birds, fruits, insects, geography and volcanic attributes of the Soufriere area. A concept was in the making, and Rodney's Wellness Retreat is the result - a project that continues Rodney's legacy and expands upon the work he started.

Oranges, cocoa, coconut, avocado, banana and other exotic fruits were introduced to the property. Euvilla Lewis, another of Rodney's children, who also had a passion for Benna’s Farm, brought her experience to the initiative, adding grapefruit and other tree crops to the mix.

Butterfly in the Garden        Iguana in the Garden        Garden View

Because of the excellent location of the property, right next to some of Dominica's most incredible sights, Bevin saw a niche that could be tapped and therefore partnered with other family members to develop Rodney’s Wellness Retreat further.

An major flower - planting drive ensued, and the newly formed - company took the iconic lime as its logo. The newly created space was christened CarRod's Gardens an amalgamation of the Lewis parent's names: Mom - Carmen and Dad - Rodney. The Garden offers a place to relax, perhaps tasting its fruits or watching exotic birds, and provide the opportunity for everyone to experience their own little piece of paradise in Dominica.

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